Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mission beyond accomplished!

On Monday, I took a venture out to the Salvation Army to see if I could find a crock-pot. I've been wanting one for a while to use for dyeing yarn. I know I can just buy one new but I really wanted a vintage one. I've never been to a Salvation Army before. When I walked in the entrance I was immediately sucked into all the lovely knit items on display. I found white glittery cable knit kid leg warmers - $1.99 and a vintage Black Poppy clutch - $1.99. The leg warmers will work amazingly as wrist warmers for the cold crafting days and I couldn't pass up the beautiful clutch with two fortunes the previous owner left inside.
How cool is that!
After gazing at the slew of accessories I moved onto the first trinket filled table. There I saw a pot for $5.99 that could work if I couldn't find a crock-pot - and it's vintage! It comes with a strainer and the pattern is mesmerizing.
I came to the last table in the store and still no crock-pot. I mean I wasn't expecting to find a vintage crock-pot at the first thrift shop I went to, but sure enough I did! -$7.99. Same one my Mom used to have!
What a perfect pair =D
I also picked up two white frames for $4 that you'll see in a later post, and a big bag of craft supplies for $5 - zipper, spools of thread, tons of green & brown embroidery floss, two balls of yarn, and seam binding. Yup! I definitely had a good time and so happy I found my perfect pots! Yay!

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