Friday, February 17, 2012

Etsy Shop Preview

Horrah! My new Etsy shop is scheduled to open this month. I'm really excited about this one. The items I've made I'm quite pleased with and actually want to wear. I've had shops in the past I didn't have much luck with -- well, I didn't have many items listed and didn't promote very well. It's time to revamp! The toughest part is figuring out what will sell. We all go through this, right? Best give it a go and find out. If all fails, I won't have any loss because I love to create anyway!

Here's a preview of star earrings made from polymer clay. What do you think? I painted them marshmallow and sealed them with a couple protective gloss coatings. I couldn't help but make a pair for myself. They are so cheerful! I find when I make something I really like it gives me even more inspiration and motivation to be creative. Hopefully that will last for a long time.

It's a lot easier to make things now that I have a nice size craft area in the basement. The only bothersome thing is it is so cold! Lots of hot tea drinking for me :)

Where do you do most of your crafting? How do you keep your space tidy?

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