Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Finds ~ Hearts

Today is National Wear Red Day to support the fight against heart disease in women. On their website there is a donation link. I donate whenever can to organizations. I consider myself a donation junkie :)
Here are some of my favorite hearts:

Origami Heart Message Card Tutorial by I love that they have both a diagram and an animation tutorial. I find with this tutorial it's easier to follow along with the animation.

Bloomize has a cute origami heart bookmark tutorial.They are perfect to leave in a book you are donating or swapping or to leave in some books at the Library.

Check out this heart shaped Companion Cube necklace by  Monsterkookies! ~ love! love! love! This is what I am treating myself to for Valentine's Day.

She has lots of other lovely items that I have my eye on for later purchases. Such as, Little Mechanical Birdie Pendant/Necklace

Do you buy yourself gifts for Valentine's Day?
TheLittleFox is one of my favorite Etsy artist. I would buy everything in her shop if I could! She has pendants, prints, paper goods, tote bags and original art. I own this owl with girl necklace and absolutely love wearing it.

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