Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Etsy Seller Experience So Far

Tomorrow is my Etsy shop's two week anniversary! It has been amazing so far. I listed more items in this shop than I have in my past shops, received six orders, and three of my items are in treasury list. I've never been featured in a treasury before! It feels absolutely wonderful :D

Here are the beautiful treasuries:

I've learned so much by attending Etsy online labs. Highly recommend it! There is one coming up May 3rd @ 7pm Est - Code as Craft by Janice Fraser, which interest me - technology + crafting  :)  Even if you aren't into programming, it's definitely neat to see how Etsy is built. Their website: CodeAsCraft.Etsy.com

Do you attend Etsy online labs? Have you ever been featured on a treasury? 

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  1. Um... Hi! Aren't we the gratest seller on earth!!! Only joking... I've had my little etsyt shop for like 2 years and have only had a few sales!! Not really, but it has not been as good as I hoped for ;)

    I am in lovelovelovelovelvoe with your bloggy! It's awesome! All handmadey goodness ;p

    I'll be checking back often!