My name is Kelly. I'm 30, and a craft and tea addict. I grew up outside of Philadelphia, Pa and now live in a small town North of Pittsburgh, Pa.
 Me and Ben @ The Franklin Institute - Philly
I love to create -- I can honestly say I have tried just about every craft out there! There is never a moment I'm not thinking about creativity.

hope you'll stop by my Etsy shop and see something that tickles your fancy! You can also find my handmade goods at craft shows I attend.

Behind the name
Crafts + Sherlock = Craftlockian ~ Discovering crafty mysteries everyday! 

Here you can find 
twenty-five random facts about me  

Thank you for stopping by!

 P.S. I'm always on the lookout for new & old Sherlock Holmes books.
If you see any interesting editions, drop me a message :)